Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lisa Lombardo - Lisa and Her Slaves (1992)

Lisa Lombardo - Lisa and Her Slaves (1992)

Shut Off
Let it Out
A Little Further Away
There is a Time
Devil Charge
Cold Night for Alligators
Oh my Baby
I'm a lot Like You
It's Been a Long Long Time
We All Live On

Produced by Jeff Dahl

I've tagged this a 1995 but really it's from 1992, was slightly out of it when ripping the CD....


  1. Great site man, keep the rocks rolling! I never had the chance to hear Lisa's CD, many thanks! On my blog & roll lad, Cheers!

  2. Thanks for this one. I've had the single off this since it came out but never managed to get a hold of this. Not as massive as the Gargoyles but still good.