Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Various Artists - Drunk On Rock Volume 2 (2000)

Various Artists - Drunk On Rock Volume 2 (2000)

Dimitri Monroe & The Naked Flames - Nostalgia Kills
Teenage Frames - Every Time
Stiletto Boys - Hollywood 2000
Clone Defects - Tropically Hot
Rocket City Riot - Pretty Things
Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones - Women Should Be Wilder
The Mystery Addicts - Silverhead
SWiG - True Grit
Steppin' Razors - Stereotypes
Freddy Lynxx & The Corner Gang - No Pleasure Thrills
The Wonderfools - Lost & Found
The Hellbenders - Numbsidown
The Golden Arms - Street Trash
The Dead City Rebels - Quarter Past Ten
The BellRays - Swinging The Blade
The Dimestore Haloes - Crazy
Eight Foot Tender - All Night, All Right
Gore Gore Girls - Hard Enough
The Chicken Hawkes - High Profile (Live)
Piranhas - Cold Cold Metal
The Halfways - New Race
The Mud City Manglers - 1:20
The Druggies - 67 Mayhem Toys
440 Six Pack - Motor City Speedway
The Kevin K Band - Hit The Road (Live)
Cranford Nix - Tattoo On Her Ass

Mp3 320kb & Artwork


  1. Hi
    What a post !
    I wasn't sure that this comp was real !!!
    Thank YOU for the link !
    Great Blog ...

  2. http://www.mediafire.com/?c49p6k8355pgx0t,m08i429tvok11ll,hm4sgw75vknj9ix,zwdz8jmn4e9o4go,9of5g3xoaeonnaf,x0o3330kby40bkm,cmc2j11x0cd15c9,t1w1gd0n2utihjz,p3ef3rn5e9vvm3c,bdszjqe4fhpsg8p,ge1agghxex2ozrg,2mgpp3bpbodh31a,j5qj0gd6b9bwscg,hgvzaotp6ea47gz here's my old band slowfinger you might like, you'll have to copy each link for example http://www.mediafire.com/?c49p6k8355pgx0t hope you dig it. hobie

  3. @badfoot9

    Downloaded and listened, really great stuff man. Thanks for sharing