Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Psycho A Go-Go - Sin City E.P (2001)

Psycho A Go-Go - Sin City E.P (2001)

Born In Vegas
Sneakers And Creepers
I Love USA
Rockin' By Lunchtime
Rock 'n' Roll
Heartbreak City

Mp3 320kb & Artwork


Scottish Rock N' Roll, In the same vein as The Mystery Addicts & Eastside Suicides.

PSYCHO A GO-GO advocate pure and utter fun as a lifestyle! This is your life my friend, prepare yourself to live it!

So what do they want? They want to educate and free you from the corporate pop-pap and fake "nu-metal" that has been force fed to you buy fat cat moguls who've decided that FUN is no longer, well, um, fun and - more importantly - marketable, why make a commodity of someone's enforced misery?

Have you ever seen a band that put a smile on your face, a tingle in your groin and a shiver down your spine?


  1. Hi
    I'm just discovering your blog & I like it!
    It seems that link doesn't work: it doesn't drive to the download but to Free Cloud Storage:
    if you can fix it, please...

  2. The link is fixed now, apologies for that...

    Thanks for the comment. Sons Of The Dolls is your blog right? I've got to thank you for the music you've shared. Keepin' Rock N' Roll alive.

    Thank You.

  3. Hi Deadender
    Yes I try to run SOTD...it takes a lot of time !
    Thanks for the link & for Lisa Lombardo, Jeff Dahl live single, Amy Lamotta, Pillbox etc...
    Keep on the good work !